"trust your government"

"we know what is best for you"

"we know what we are talking about"

"nothing to see here, move along"

"you do not need guns"

>meanwhile shit half coverage of Ukraine
>stupid nothing new flight 370 one month straight watch with muh blackholes and alien theories
>almost nothing about the world or domestic issues

Oh well


Updated pics

Story on Yee

So an anti gun Senator from California, Leland Yee, who was arrested (with 25 other people)  for corruption, misuse of public funds, conspiracy to commit murder of an undercover FBI agent, trafficking firearms and explosives through California and New Jersey to terrorists, is out on bail. He has ties with Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow who is a criminal with ties to several San Francisco Chinatown street gangs, including the American branch of the Hong Kong-based triad Wo Hop To and the Hop Sing Boys. He was also arrested.


Also the affidavit mentioned 3 more persons of interest. 2 Senators and 1 legislator. No names though.

Here is the affidavit

Mainstream news has yet to talk about this. This whole story is several days old now. But all the MSM is talking about is flight 370, the mudslide, and celebrity crap.

How hard would they go if Wayne La Pierre [head of the NRA] was busted for this?

Why CNN wont cover the Leland Yee story, straight from CNN themselves

tl;dr for those who are too lazy to click and read

CNN tweeted in response to people criticizing that they wont talk about this guy. They said they cover stories about senators “about never” or basically its not their thing. Except for when it is their thing. I linked to dozens of CNN articles and videos of them covering senators.

Fucking hypocrites.